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The above list represents some common types of legal claims handled by employment lawyers. Click on any listed claim to be take to a page containing more information about that subject. Please be advised that the information given here pertains only to labor disputes and wrongful termination claims brought under California law.  

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Attorney James (J.J.) Johnston has been a lawyer since 1986.  He is dedicated to providing outstanding representation to his clients, and has a well-deserved reputation for being a committed and tenacious employment lawyer who only represents employees; primarily in wrongful termination cases.  In his efforts to secure just compensation for employees in the Los Angeles and Southern California area who have been wrongfully terminated or otherwise victimized by unlawful employment practices, he has successfully taken on Fortune 500 companies and large multi-national corporations.  Over the years, his trial verdicts and case settlements have resulted in millions of dollars in compensation for his clients in Los Angeles and other California cities.  Mr. Johnston's experience and abilities as an employment lawyer make him well qualified to handle your wrongful termination case.  If you would like to consult with an employment lawyer, we invite you to contact our office and make an appointment to speak with attorney Johnston about your case.  Our client intake office is located in downtown Los Angeles.


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If you are in the Los Angeles or Southern California area, and believe you have been wrongfully terminated, or the victim of workplace discrimination,  or have any other employment law claim against your current or former employer, you need to consult with a qualified employment lawyer.  You can contact our law firm, by clicking on the link in the box at left.

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The client was the victim of employment discrimination when she was wrongfully terminated after becoming disabled by her pregnancy.  After hiring Mr. Johnston as her employment lawyer, the defendant took the deposition of the doctor who had certified our client as being disabled by her pregnancy.  However, the doctor testified that she had not really been disabled, but instead that she had intimidated him into making that diagnosis.  Attorney Johnston promptly named the doctor as an additional defendant on a medical malpractice claim, and also continued the wrongful termination lawsuit against the employer.  After this occurred the employer decided, in an effort to try to stop our client's continuing wage loss damages, to offer our client her employment back.  Their thinking was that she would never accept, and they could then argue that they were not responsible for any continuing wage loss.  However, after consulting with Mr. Johnston our client accepted their offer of employment.  After being back at work for only three days, the employer fired her again.  Attorney Johnston then amended the complaint to add an additional cause of action for wrongful termination.  Ultimately, both the employer and the doctor settled this employment discrimination case, with our client obtaining a settlement amount substantially higher than original estimates.

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Attorney Johnston handles employment termination cases on a contingency fee basis.  Click here for details. Our client intake office is conveniently located at 333 S. Grand Avenue, 25th Floor, Los Angeles, California 90071.


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Selected Employment Law Cases

Walrath v. Sprinkel (2002) 99 Cal.App.4th 1237, First District Court of Appeals, Division Two.  The essential issue presented in this case was whether an employee who alleged he had been wrongful terminated in retaliation for bringing workplace complaints could, in addition to bringing a retaliation claim against the employer, also bring the same claim against the individual supervisor who committed the employment retaliation. The appellate court answered this question in the affirmative, and overruled the trial court's dismissal of this claim. 

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California Supreme Court
Wrongful Termination Case 

Yanowitz v. L'Oreal USA, Inc. (2005) 36 Cal.4th 1028, California Supreme Court. In this employment discrimination case, the employer fired a supervisor who refused to terminate subordinate who was not “hot” looking enough for the job. The California Supreme Court held that even though the supervisor did not specifically state that she thought the order to fire constituted unlawful discrimination, she could still under these circumstances state a claim for wrongful termination. The court also defined an adverse employment action as requiring a court to use the "materiality" test, a standard that requires an employer's adverse action to materially affect the terms and conditions of employment.

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The above information is provided as a courtesy of The Johnston Law Firm, and constitutes only a brief summary of some general employment law, discrimination issues and related legal rights under California law.  As such it does not constitute legal advice, and you should contact an attorney to discuss any specific employment issue you may have.  For further questions, please contact our  office on the forms provided.

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