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At Will Employment - Myths and Realities
James W. Johnston, Esq.
Few subjects in the field of employment law have caused more confusion in the minds of the general public than the doctrine of at-will employment. In general terms, an employee who is not a member of a union and is not...

Employee Benefits - Right or Privilege
Richard A. Hall
Over the years, one of the most important factors candidates cited in searching for employment was benefits. Surprisingly this was second to salary. Considering the high cost of healthcare and prescriptions, benefits have played a vital...

Pregnancy Disability Leave in California
James W. Johnston, Esq.
One of the most complex areas of employment law in California is pregnancy disability leave. Overlapping state and federal statutes governing this leave have led to a great deal of confusion over just what rights an employee...

Age Discrimination - Disparate Impact
James W. Johnston, Esq.
A disparate impact age discrimination claim arises from a facially neutral employment policy that adversely affects employees who are over the age of 40. Unlike disparate treatment cases, employees claiming disparate impact discrimination are...

How to Handle Short-Term Jobs on Your Resume
Scott Brown
Based on today’s ever-changing and tight job market, it is not unusual to see short term jobs on a resume. Short term jobs might raise a red flag for employers. Short term jobs could be contract positions or...


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